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Concert Dress

Red ScarvesWomen - long sleeved black dress, long black skirt or slacks with long sleeved black blouse,
black stockings, black shoes. Subtle jewelry only. For the second part of the Holiday Concert the women don their RED scarves... please see Margaret Domanski if you don't have one.

Men - Black tuxedo or black slacks, black jacket, long sleeve white shirt, black bow tie, black
socks, black shoes. Frequently, for the second part of the Holiday Concert Men are invited to wear RED bowties and/or cumberbunds. They will be informed if this is the case close to the day of the concert.

NOTE: Dress for April concert is traditionally "glitzy" and may include additional costumes or costume pieces. This will be determined during rehearsals.

Concert Etiquette

  • DO NOT wear perfumes, colognes, scented hairspray, etc. to rehearsals or performances. Many in the Chorale are extremely allergic to these types of scents.

  • DO NOT follow along in the music with soloists.

  • While on stage, assume there is someone in the audience always looking at you!

Vocal Range and Quality Checks
Brief vocal range and quality checks will be held for all new members, and any existing
members whose voices are unfamiliar to the director. Don't panic - this is just to check one's
ability to match pitches, and place you in the proper section. Ability to match pitch is a
minimum requirement.

Solo selection - the director will announce auditions for solos criteria are vocal quality,
matching voice to particular solos, matching voices if it is a solo quartet for example, pitch,
rhythm, dependability. Items that are NOT criteria - previous soloist, longevity with the group.
What items will be auditioned for, and when they will be, will be announced early on in each
term, and selections will be made early on. If there is no one qualified to do the solo, we will
first look to previous Chorale members, and then look to hire from outside. We must balance the educational and local aspect of the Chorale with the quality we are trying to portray to our
audience. Being a wonderful ensemble singer does not necessarily make a wonderful soloist.
Whenever possible, a cover will selected for each solo. Covers are responsible for learning the
solo, attending solo rehearsals, and being ready to step in at a moment's notice to take over the responsibility of the soloist.

The Dean's List
When active, The Dean's List is a special ensemble of 12-16 singers from within the Chorale. Admission in this ensemble is by audition only. Criteria is based on vocal quality, vocal blend, musicality, and rehearsal availability. The name, The Dean's List, implies high quality no matter who is the director.

Other voices from within the Chorale may be selected for ensemble work within some the works
we will do. The Dean List will perform very specific works that the larger group will not. The
Dean's List will also represent the group and the college at functions if it is unrealistic to
schedule the entire Chorale to attend.

Participants in The Dean's List must also participate in the Chorale.

Suggestion Box
A suggestion box will be located outside the director's office. We welcome suggestions on
repertoire, how to improve things, or problems that need to be addressed. However, please sign
your name, so we can discuss it with you if we have questions. If there is a problem then we
will deal with it one on one.

Tips for Better Choral Singing

  • Always arrive early and prepare for rehearsal to start on time.


  • Respect your craft and your instrument - sit up; look professional.

  • Always check the key, meter, etc., and find your part.

  • Bend back the corners of the pages to make them easier to get a hold of and to turn.

  • When you turn a page, immediately get your hand under the next page so its ready to turn.

  • When you have an entrance coming up, check back to where you were, or check another part to see if your entrance note is there.

  • Breathe BEFORE it is time to enter.

  • Don't follow solos in your music.

  • Don't tap your feet, or bang on anything.

  • Enter exactly on time and on pitch - don't scoop. Inaccuracy is the curse of music.
    Always listen when the director speaks - you can learn a great deal by listening to critiques of other voice parts.

  • NEVER make faces or issue displeasing sounds if someone, or a group, sings a wrong note.
    Your time will come, and you won't like it being done to you. Respect your fellow

  • NEVER make faces or issue displeasing sounds if a member of the orchestra plays a wrong
    note. Remember, you've been rehearsing for weeks - they are seeing it for the first time.

  • Always keep your eye on the goal of the chorale - to make beautiful music. All other
    agendas need to be left outside the rehearsal room. All pettiness, political ploys, etc.