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The Keys Chorale is a Continuing Education course at Florida Keys Community College, listed as "Mixed Community Chorus." Entrance into this "family" is through registration for the non-credit course. No formal auditions are required, however, members must be able to match pitches in their respective voice parts. The love of fine music and a thirst to learn are necessary to get full benefit of this joyful group, its performances and outreach programs. The Chorale rehearses at the Key West Campus.

First time registrants – if you have never registered for a class at Florida Keys Community College, you must register in person at the Office of Enrollment Services, between the hours of 8:30 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. On Wednesdays, they are open until 7 pm. The fee for the course is about $100 for a full session.

Previous registrants – if you have regitered for any class at FKCC, you may register online at or by phone, 305-809-3188

Students wishing to take Mixed Community Chorus for credit should contact the director, Dean Walters before registering.


  1. Course Prefix/Number/Course Title:
    • MUN 1380C
      Mixed Community Chorus
      TUES 7:00-9:50 pm
      Prerequisite: None (see IV)

  2. Credit Hours/Contact Hours: 30 contact hours; 2 hours lab per week per 15-week term

  3. Instructor/Office Number/Phone:
    • Dean Walters
      TWFAC Room 2402F
      305-809-3176 - office

  4. Course Description: This course provides an opportunity for people to come
    together as a community of singers to perform as one instrument a selection of
    works from the vast historical repertory of choral literature from all periods.
    Beginners are welcome, if musical. The instructor may request an audition to
    determine an individual's ability to match the pitch of the piano or another
    individual, a necessity for choral singing. The determination of a student's
    ability to meet performance criteria and perform with the group rests at any
    time solely with the instructor. In order to perform, auditing students must
    meet the same performance level.

  5. Required Text/Materials: As a rule, musical scores will be provided.

  6. Specific Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the
    student must be able to:
    1. Meet the performance criteria:
      a. to sing with noticeable competence by matching tones with accuracy.
      b. achieve a balance in concert with other singers.
      c. meet clarity and diction criteria.
      d. follow musical direction.
    2. Understand certain traditions in choral music history.
    3. Develop a working familiarity with various forms and styles
      of singing and choral works.
    4. Produce a choral sound of excellence and balance based on interpretation
      intended in the music of the composer.

  7. Course Method: The student will rehearse and perform with Keys Chorale of FKCC (assuming performance criteria are met).

  8. Method of Student Evaluation: Students will be evaluated by measuring their progress in meeting performance criteria requited in the ensemble repertoire.

  9. Policy of Class Attendance and Make-up of Assignments: Students must expect to attend alll rehearsals to meet the class goals and to develop a mastery and understanding of vocal skills. All outside assignments must be met at the agreed upon time.
  10. Course Outline and Class Assignments: TBA